Health & Beauty

At Zumra, we understand that undergoing a medical procedure can be a life changing milestone. With such a vast selection of medical facilities around the world, finding a reliable, state-of-the-art specialised centre with trusted doctors is our speciality. We have built a strong, secure network of health professionals specialising in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery. Let us be your peace of mind. 

Experienced, Trusted Specialists

We take pride in building a strong specialist/client relationship at Zumra. Through carefully crafted questionnaires and one-to-one preparation sessions we are able to accommodate your specific needs. Our team of skilled specialists work closely with esteemed medical professionals and facilities, liaising with our clientele, to ensure a perfect alliance. As a part of our luxury concierge services we coordinate all your travel needs to and from the point of treatment including flights, airport transfers and accommodation. We work hard to customize packages to meet your specific needs with discretion and integrity.  

Enhance your Beauty

To meet the demands of our clients’ busy lifestyles we offer unique luxury medical concierge services. Our clients will find an extra level of care and privacy with their individually-tailored bespoke surgical and non-surgical packages. Whether you’re looking to enhance your beauty through injectables, a tummy tuck, liposuction, Kryolipolysis, laser treatments or medical spa treatments or more, we source the very best that the cosmetic surgery industry has to offer. Allow our specialized staff to take care of you through all of your pre and post-operative experiences.

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